Ultra Clean Pipe Video

Ultra Clean Pipe

Field trials – Ready, Steady, Go (29th November 2012)

BIC technical team in the field performing trials on industrial setup using final UltraCleanPipe prototype system. Positive results were obtained for analysis to further optimise the system.

Back to the Plant for set up (20th November 2012)

Ignacio Garcia De Carellan and Caumaghen Sannassy of BIC visited the plant in Wigan, where the field trials would be taking place soon.

18M Meeting in Cambridge (3rd October 2012)

BIC hosts 18M Meeting at its headquarters. Progression of technical work cross-communicated between project partners. Discussions towards the final aspects of the project for a successful conclusion.

Brunel Innovation Centre located in Abington Hall

Equipment in tuning for field trials.

Visit to site

BIC team travelled to site to discuss the possibilities of field trials and had a great tour of the site. En Route to Wigan, BIC team stopped by Bolton for discussions with a local nuclear site on potential applications.

From left to right Phil Catton, Cem Selcuk, Ignacio Garcia De Carellan

BIC arrived at the Wigan site for talks on baked beans and UltraCleanPipe, in preparation for field trials and met the field team for identifying a trial set-up. Coming back with a lot of food for thought

Through to next phase

UltraCleanPipe received positive feedback from the evaluation at mid-term review and all geared up towards the next phase of work

Period 1 Review Meeting

The UltraCleanPipe consortium members met in Brussels this week to discuss the progress of the project to date.

The research organisations presented their work, including the short film describing the project.

Also the video of fouling being actively removed from the inside of a pipe was shown, illustrating that the project’s concept is valid.

A new version of the film will be created suitable for publication and posting on this very website within the next 6 months.

We are cleaning pipes!

A huge milestone has been reached in the project this week that has filled everyone involved with enthusiasm and drive. The video can be downloaded here.

Cleaning Pipe

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Lights… camera… action!

The consortium is in the process of filming a promotional video for the project. This will include interviews with a number of partners, as well as an overview of the technologies involved and the project itself.

Coming soon, to a screen near you.

Spot the difference

Small changes have been made to the website, including the FP7 splash screen. These have been made to ensure the website is in line with exactly what our gracious funders expect, which we hope will make the site better and more accessible to all visitors.

This is an otherwise quiet period for the project, as most of the RTD partners are currently writing reports in preparation for the up coming Period One review meeting – so apologies for slow updates lately!

Updates to conform to EC requirements

Flags, project ID and polls etc have become more visible